The Online Portfolio of James Garcia

Lost Planet 3

Project Date: 2013
Created with: ZBrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop, & Bethesda’s GECK engine
Responsibilities: Environments, vistas, and cinematic lighting

Environment Breakdowns: I worked as a level lead on the Shack’s Peak area of the game and, in addition to being responsible for level layout, dressing, and lighting the areas featured in the screenshots below, I also had to build the rail and rail stations that would bring the large Vital Suit mech to the peak of the mountain.  I also designed and built the communications station at the peak of the mountain.  I built several other smaller areas in the game as well, including a T-Energy Refinery and some of the smaller, exploration-based ice caves.  In other areas, like the North Plains Hub, I worked on the far vistas that gave the game it’s haunting, atmospheric look and feel.