The Online Portfolio of James Garcia

Alpha Protocol

Project Date: 2010
Created with: 3ds Max, Photoshop, & Unreal Engine 3
Responsibilities: Environments, Props, Lighting, Shaders, & Kismet Scripting

Environment Breakdowns: During production, I was responsible for four levels and various smaller cinematic or hub environments.  For the Roman Ruins level, I built a set of ruined wall pieces, arches, pillars, and small buildings to dress the labyrinthine level design.  It was determined that there weren’t enough vertical gameplay opportunities in the original layout, so I worked with the design team to come up with creative solutions to the problem.  For the Roman Villa, I built all of the architectural pieces and dressed and lit the area as well.
For the Taipei Warehouse and Grand Hotel environments, in lieu of concept art, I relied heavily on reference from two real-world locations and began to create sets of assets to mimic those environments.  I then dressed and lit the areas, working very closely with the design team to make gameplay areas that also mimicked the real-world locales.
I lit the Yacht environment and built the surrounding vista for it as well.

Prop Breakdowns: I made a great number of props throughout production.  These were all created in 3ds Max and textured in Photoshop.