About Me: Who is Jamesman?

My name is James Garcia and I am a 3d artist from San Diego, California.

I specialize in creating high quality environment art and 3d assets for video games and interactive media. I am a highly motivated and creative individual, and have worn many hats during my 10 years in the industry. I am a 3d model, texture and lighting artist, and have been managing environment teams for the past two years. I have enjoyed making a career of video games because it is not only fun, but it also challenges me to continually grow and develop as a professional.

Some of my professional credits include:

-The Evil Within (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)
-Lost Planet 3 (PS3 & Xbox 360)
-Fallout: New Vegas (PC, PS3 & Xbox 360)

-Fallout: New Vegas DLC (PC, PS3 & Xbox 360):
-Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues & Lonesome Road

-Alpha Protocol (PC, PS3 & Xbox 360)
-World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions


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Click on one of the Portfolio links below to view some of my personal and professional work.

Respirator - In-game

Recent Professional Work

Alpha Protocol

Additional Environments

Fallout New Vegas - Nevada Highway Patrol Vehicle

Additional Props

Death Ray: PBR Materials

Personal Work


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